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Global Jewish Peoplehood


Jewish? Jew-ish? Jewishly curious? You’ve come to the right place! In our Global Peoplehood programming, we hope to help you learn more about, engage with, and come to love the Jewish People, in all the ways we exist. Through travel, speaker opportunities, scholarships, and more, Hillel is here to help you find your place in our diaspora. Questions? Talk to Nathalie!



Every year, we provide several free or heavily subsidized international travel opportunities to students. In the past, we’ve gone to Poland and Argentina to explore Jewish culture in those places. We meet with scholars, activists, and leaders, in addition to Jewish students and leaders in their communities. Join us in exploring other Jewish identities, and inherently, your own!



Hillel at Stanford staff and student leaders highlight Jewish holidays and traditions that our American-Jewish students might be less familiar with! Through food, learning, decorations, conversations, and songs, you can explore traditions like the Ethiopian-Jewish holiday of Sigd, or the post-Passover Moroccan tradition of Mimouna!


Themed Shabbats

A few times a quarter, our weekly Shabbat dinner will take an exciting twist. In partnership with faculty and passionate students, we’ll transform our space to allow students to experience a new side of the Jewish world. Sometimes, we’ll invite guest speakers, like Stanford Nobel Laureates, Jewish faculty members, or local community leaders. Other times, we’ll experience new cultures through food, music, and family rituals that our students want to share with their peers!

if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Nathalie

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