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Hillel’s Israeli@Stanford community is made up of Israeli graduate students, Post-Docs, faculty members at Stanford University, and their partners and children who have joined them in California. We’re your home away from home, a surrogate family to spend holidays with, find comfort and familiarity in, and support you in all areas of life. Throughout the year we host all sorts of different events for both adults and families. Between holiday celebrations, Hebrew classes for kids, and lots of social events, you’ll find fun and connection with this wonderful group of people.


You are welcome to reach out to Rotem at: or join our Facebook Group for more information. We can’t wait to have you as a part of our community!


End of Summer Celebration

One of our families’ favorite events, at the End of Summer Celebration, we provide a fun and festive chance for new arrivals to get to know each other and the broader Israeli@Stanford community. We’ll have snacks, drinks, music, and plenty of schmoozing. Be on the lookout for more information about this yearly event!

Holiday Celebrations

We love to celebrate as a community! From dinner in the Sukkah during Sukkot, community candle-lighting at Hanukkah, or an ice cream party for Shavuot, we make every holiday feel festive and uniquely Israeli. Most of our celebrations are family friendly, but sometimes we’ll do something just for adults! (Purim party, anyone?)

Adult-Only Events

We also host adults-only events so that you can enjoy time with your peers (and away from your kids)!

Some favorite past events have included “Mada Al A’bar” - mini lectures presented by experts in their fields, chocolate tastings and mixology classes.

Beged Kefet


In partnership with the OFJCC, we are delighted to provide easy-access, on-campus Beged Kefet programming. Once a week, we offer Hebrew-language classes and programming for children of native Hebrew speakers. 


ישראלים בסטנפורד היא קהילה המורכבת מסטודנטים.יות, פוסט-דוקים.יות וא.נשי סגל ישראלים ומשפחותיהם.ן ונותנת בית לישראלים בקמפוס ותמיכה לא.נשים שבדרך.

הקהילה מקיימת מפגשים חברתיים כמו מפגש סוף הקיץ, אירוע כיפי להיכרות עם מי שהצטרף במהלך הקיץ, סדנאות שונות כמו הכנה של קוקטיילים, מדע על הבר או סתם לשבת על קפה בנוסף לחגיגות של החגים לאורך השנה כמו בחנוכה, הדלקת נרות קהילתית, בסוכות ארוחת ערב בסוכה, מסיבת יום העצמאות ועוד.

מוזמנים.ות ליצור קשר עם רותם - מנהלת הקהילה ולהצטרף לדף הפייסבוק שלנו.

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