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Birthright Israel

The Birthright Israel trip is a journey through both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, accompanied by Israeli peers (“the Mifgash”). The Birthright Israel journey is committed to a culture of open discussion and dialogue about all issues: identity, geopolitics, religion, and Jewish life. Reach out to Leeya, our amazing Israel Fellow with questions and interest!

Multiculturalism and Nationalism: Discovering Poland

The story of Jewish life in Poland is a powerful prism to examine themes of identity formation, minority status, genocide, nationalism, and communal resilience, which have implications far beyond any one country or community. Over the course of a week during spring break you will tour historic and modern sites, learn from scholars, activists, and students, and explore complex topics in a nuanced way with a group of 10-15 peers.

Hillel at Stanford's Perspectives Trip

This highly selective program seeks students who are motivated to gain a deeper understanding of Israel and Palestine, and to share what they learn with the broader Stanford community. The purpose of this trip is educate current and emerging campus leaders about the complexities of Israel and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict in a nuanced, immersive, and experiential way. Together we will form a learning community and create space for understanding the opportunities and challenges facing Israel and Palestine. Application available soon.

Argentina Trip

The Argentina trip invites students to explore the story of the largest Jewish community in Latin America, while wrestling with big questions like racial diversity, political extremism, and antisemitism.

Through interactions with local students, scholars and community activists, participants are learning, debating, experiencing local night life, dancing tasting great foods and creating unforgettable friendships. 

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