Stanford Minyan

Shabbat day (Saturday) we have Stanford Minyan, our long running Modern Orthodox community that is comprised of students, staff, and community members to who come together to daven/pray with a mechitzah (two way partition), read the weekly parsha/torah portion from our beautiful torahs, and then come together for a vegetarian dairy lunch. Students often spend their Shabbat afternoon at Hillel after which they come together again to enjoy Seudah Shilishit (dinner on Saturday) with one another. They sing traditional Shabbat songs (from our song books with transliteration as well as Hebrew) and then make Havdalah together. If you are interested in attending, check out our website for more information. 

Hillel at Stanford aims to empower Jewish students at Stanford to explore and deepen their Jewish identities, and to envision their futures with choices inspired by Jewish values and commitments.
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